Cryolipolysis: The Science of CoolSculpting®

February 1, 2022
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Cryolipolysis | The Science of CoolSculpting®

Cryolipolysis is the science behind the revolutionary body contouring treatment CoolSculpting®. This fat-freezing procedure eliminates stubborn fat bulges by exposing them to extreme cooling temperatures. This convenient 35-minutes treatment is virtually painless and entirely non-invasive. You can go about your day as usual after your treatment. CoolSculpting® is the most popular treatment alternative to surgeries like liposuction. You achieve the same fat reduction results without pain or downtime.  Read more to learn how CoolSculpting® works and why millions of people choose to freeze their fat.

Cryolipolysis | The Discovery of the Science Behind CoolSculpting®

Cryolipolysis refers to the cold-induced death of fat cells. This science was developed by Harvard scientists who observed a rare phenomenon in children who sucked on popsicles. They observed that dimples formed in the children's cheeks cause by fat reduction. After a thorough investigation, they found that fat reduction occurs due to exposure to cold temperatures. The popsicle froze the fat cells in the cheeks but did not freeze or damage the mouth's skin cells or tissues. Cryolipolysis achieves these results because fat is more vulnerable to cold than skin. Skin cells consist mostly of water, so they are more resistant to cold temperatures.

The CoolSculpting® Treatment

During a CoolSculpting® procedure, an applicator is used on the stubborn fat bulge. Once the CoolSculpting® machine is turned on, the applicator will secure to the bulge using a gentle vacuum mechanism. The bulge is sucked up into the applicator where is draws fat cells toward the surface of the skin, keeping them in place for the duration of the procedure. The machine exposes the bulge to precisely controlled cooling. The device's temperate is calibrated to be cold enough to freeze the fat cells but will not be cold enough to damage the skin or surrounding tissue. The applicator will remain on the bulge of fat for the entire treatment, typically 35-minutes.

How Cryolipolysis Reduces Stubborn Fat Cells

Exposing stubborn fat cells to cooling causes the cell to chill and harden. Once it becomes hard, the cell's membrane ruptures. This process disables the cell from doing its job of storing fat, rendering it useless. Since the fat cells can no longer function properly, they are collected and processed out of the body. Over several weeks after your treatment, the body will dispose of the dead fat cells via the lymphatic system. Once the fat cells are removed from the body, they will never grow back. CoolSculpting® gives you long-term results thanks to the science of Cryolipolysis.

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