Can CoolSculpting rejuvenate the chin and jawline?

January 26, 2022
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The beauty industry just keeps innovating and creating new ways to enhance your physical features. When diet and exercise are no longer enough to remove excess fat from your chin, most probably, you’ll start to consider getting jawline rejuvenation from a professional. There are many methods of chin sculpting and jawline rejuvenation out there, but CoolSculpting® has taken the internet and the attention of beauty enthusiasts by storm.

Most people are trying non-invasive ways to reduce the fat, like chin CoolSculpting®. But the real question is, is it effective? Find out below what this skincare innovation is and if it’s indeed effective in reducing fat.

What is Chin CoolSculpting®?

You’ve probably heard of therapeutic solutions that use cold to freeze away fat cells. CoolSculpting® works the same way. It is described as a fat-freezing reduction technique.

The treatment cools the fat until it is destroyed. Like most latest fat reduction procedures, this treatment is non-invasive since the process doesn’t need any anesthesia, scalpel, or incision. Also, it has very little to no downtime.

Doctors recommend this if you don’t want to go under the knife. This fat reduction technique is an excellent alternative for liposuction. It is ideal for people who have stubborn excess fat in their chins even after exercise and not for weight loss.

This method of fat reduction is a patented nonsurgical cooling technique. In addition to that, it is specifically created to address areas of stubborn fat that diet and exercise cannot remove, especially in the chin area.

How much does it cost?

The price of the procedure will vary depending on where you live. It also depends on the size of the area that you want to work on. In general, the average price of cool sculpting for the chin is around $1400 per session. Also, your physician may recommend you to have two treatments for better results.

Does it work for double chin?

If you’re struggling with saggy skin under your face and planning to have this treatment, you might be curious if it works. The answer is yes. You don’t have to live with that dilemma forever.

This treatment can indeed work for your double chin. However, there are things that you must know before booking an appointment.

First, you will need to change your diet and lifestyle to ensure long-lasting results. The procedure will get rid of your extra fat cells, but you also have to help your body maintain the fat you have and avoid adding too much. There’s a possibility that the excess fat under your chin will return if you manage your food intake.

CoolSculpting® doesn’t guarantee to keep off the fat forever. Also, if you want to look great for an event, it’s advised to start the procedure sooner since treatments can last up to several months.

Second, you need to plan or schedule at least two treatments to get the best results. Although you can see a minimal fat reduction in areas like your stomach, flanks, and chin in just one session, two sessions are ideal for more long-lasting results. If you’re getting treated in larger areas such as your abdomen, you might have to book three sessions.

Third, it takes months to see the results. You won’t walk out of the clinic seeing your fat gone in an instant. Patients shared their experience of seeing the best results after two treatments.

Always remember that this type of treatment is not an instant fix, and it does take time. Three to six months after the session, you start to notice the difference in your chin, so patience is a must for this kind of procedure since your body is still getting rid of that excess fat.

How is the procedure done?

A well-trained physician will perform the procedure using an applicator. The device has a close resemblance to the nozzles of a vacuum. During the treatment, the physician will apply a gel pad and the applicator to your chin.

The applicator will deliver cooling to your target area. After 35 minutes, the physician will remove the device from your skin and start to massage the frozen part almost immediately. The massage can be pretty uncomfortable for most patients since the lump of fat is frozen.

You may feel weird pressure and discomfort during this stage, but it won’t take long.

Are there any side effects?

Suppose you’re worried about the safeness of this treatment. In that case, you should know that CoolSculpting® has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is normal to feel numb or discomfort after the treatment. These side effects are just temporary and won’t affect your day-to-day activities.

The most common sensation or discomfort that you may feel during the procedure are:

These are just the result of the applicator since it can cause numbness, but you shouldn’t feel any significant pain from the procedure. It will all subside once the treatment is over.

Also, you can observe some side effects after the procedure since your body is still trying to reduce fat cells for weeks. These include:
Tingling sensations

Preparation for chin CoolSculpting®

This treatment doesn’t require preparation. However, you should make sure that your body is ideal for the treatment since overweight people aren’t ideal candidates. It is not for weight loss but only for those who have stubborn excess fat even after exercise and diet.

Since the procedure only focuses on a small area, it won’t be as effective if applied to a large part of the body.

Bruising may be present from the applicator’s suction after CoolSculpting®. Doctors recommend that you avoid anti-inflammatories such as aspirin before the procedure to help reduce the occurrence of a bruise.

Now that you’ve learned that this treatment is indeed effective in removing stubborn fat that exercise can’t, then it’s the best time to schedule a consultation. If you’ve been planning to get rid of your double chin for a long time using CoolSculpting®, give this treatment a try. Remember to ask for a professional’s advice first to ensure your safety and best results. AOB Med Spa even offers consultations for free!

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