Biggest Beauty Breakthrough in 2016, CoolSculpting®!

February 1, 2022
3 min. read

Elle magazine recently released their top five list of the biggest beauty breakthroughs of 2016. And there’s no arguing that technology is making some major advancements in the med spa industry! Patients are achieving the same great results from non-invasive procedures that, not so long ago, would have required surgery. Among Elle’s list of breakthroughs is the CoolAdvantage applicator.

What makes the CoolAdvantage breakthrough technology?

The CoolSculpting® technology has helped patients slim down without the sweat for years, but the CoolAdvantage applicator, launched in 2016 helps patients achieve results a little quicker. CoolSculpting® treatments are designed to treat stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Clients love it because they can finally achieve the results they want without the invasiveness of surgery, which means little or no down time! The process works by using an applicator to freeze targeted fat cells, which are then flushed through the lymph or lymphatic system naturally. Treatments last one hour, during this time clients can sit back, relax, work, or even take a nap. The procedure is safe, effective and lasting, since CoolSculpting® lessens the opportunity to gain weight in treated areas, as there are fewer fat cells. The new CoolSculpting® applicator completes its cycle in just 35 minutes, making it possible to have your treatments done on your lunch break. Like the other CoolSculpting® treatments, clients will notice results in as soon as three to four weeks, with optimal results at 12 weeks. We also do an eight week follow up visit with photos to track their progress. Annie Chiu, MD, an attending dermatologist at Cedar Sinai Medical Center, points out, "Non-invasive body contouring continues to increase in popularity, and we can really customize treatments now with a multi-modality approach including CoolSculpt for bigger bulges.”

Benefits of the CoolAdvantage CoolSculpting® Applicator

With this applicator, you can treat the abdomen, flanks and inner thighs, as it has three interchangeable contours. Clients also love that treatment cycles with this applicator are just 35 minutes long, the result of the revolutionary new cup design. ZELTIQ, the maker of CoolSculpting®, modified the shape to make better contact with the skin and provide even colder temperatures. This allows clients to see the same great results in almost half the time. Other benefits of this new beauty breakthrough include:

  • Increased comfort: clients report that the new cup design increases their comfort level during treatments
  • More tissue treated: the new CoolAdvantage design provides a larger cooling area, which means clients are able to treat more fat tissue during every visit. It even helps with fibrous tissue!

How to Get Even More from Your CoolSculpting® Treatments

Just as CoolSculpting® isn’t designed to help those who want to achieve massive weight loss, it’s also not a free pass to eat whatever you’d like and binge on Netflix night after night. If you want to achieve the best possible results you’ll still need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis, especially since exercise gets the lymph system moving and helps to release those fat cells quicker. While we are not dieticians or nutritionists, we have seen that clients get the best results by eating whole foods like vegetables, fruits, and protein. We do recommend getting your doctor’s approval before beginning any new diet or exercise program.

What happens if you gain weight after CoolSculpting®?

This is a question that often comes up for clients who are new to CoolSculpting®. While the treated cells are flushed out of your system for good, weight gain is still a possibility. However, if do you gain weight after your CoolSculpting® treatments, your body will continue to evenly distribute fat. One area will not typically become larger than the other. If you think you’re ready to give CoolSculpting® in Denver a try, it pays to work with a provider who is both experienced and educated on the latest techniques and technology. All of our providers have been trained at CoolSculpting® University in addition to receiving additional continued education during their time at AOB. For more information on the procedure or to see if you’re a good candidate, contact us at 303-305-4343 or

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