Certified Master Coolsculpting Specialist

Our staff is committed to delivering extraordinary results through an individualized treatment plan while providing exceptional service.

About Tina

Tina is our Certified Master Coolsculpting Specialist and received her Master Certification and training at Coolsculpting University in Pleasanton, CA. Being a Master Coolsculpter is a distinction that very few attain, as a provider must be nominated by the Allergan Representatives. Tina has been in the industry for over a decade, always providing the highest quality of service to her clients in our professional and caring environment. She continues to expand her knowledge with continuing education with the latest techniques in trainings and ongoing seminars.

If you are looking to jumpstart your “Treatment to Transformation” in your Coolsculpting journey, Tina would love to offer a complimentary consultation and is passionate in providing an expert assessment and unique treatment plan for your specific areas of concern.

For a Coolsculpting specialist to be considered for this very high distinction among the many Coolsculpters around the country, this person must first be very experienced in Coolsculpting consultations and treatments, show exemplary assessment skills, and strong leadership among her peers.

She must have completed the Coolsculpting University Core Class in Pleasanton, CA. She then must be nominated by her Allergan Practice Development Manager. Once selected by Allergan, she completes the Masters Coolsculpting University Training in Pleasanton, CA.

During this training, she is taught by the very top Coolsculpters in the nation. The focus in this training is “Harder to assess patients” due to weight, physical abnormalities, hernias, etc. that require very customized treatment plans for best results. This is done by each candidate learning the art of a much more in-depth conversation with the patient about their personal goals, and mapping out a definitive plan that will successfully achieve those goals.

She is also taught to preform Dual-CoolSculpting, Tri-Sculpting, and Quad-Sculpting.

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