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Introducing the Newest Filler Technology: Volbella

Posted by Kathi on January 24, 2017

At AOB, our goal is always to work with our clients to meet their goals while creating natural-looking results. So when we learned about the newest technology for lips that is designed create a soft, natural look that lasts longer, we jumped at the chance to offer it to our clients.

This great new product, Juvederm® Volbella® XC, made Elle’s list of Top 5 Beauty Breakthroughs for 2016, and it’s no wonder! The lip filler is designed to increase lip fullness and soften perioral lines through one year after treatment. Volbella® XC is also the first and only product approved by the FDA to erase laugh lines, the creases that form at the sides of the mouth, which are more pronounced when you laugh.

A Longer Lasting Formula

Like most fillers on the market today, Volbella® XC is comprised of hyaluronic acid (HA), a molecule that occurs naturally in the body. HA works to keep every aspect of your skin stable and renewed. However, it decreases over time and it’s necessary to use fillers in order to replace the HA and reduce the appearance of aging.

That said, while HA fillers are great for anti-aging, they’re also nothing new.

So what got Volbella® XC on the list of beauty breakthroughs?

Volbella® XC is unique in that it’s formulated with Vycross technology.

HA can basically be divided into two categories: high and low molecular weight molecules. Low molecular weight molecules are more desirable in cosmetics since the smaller molecule is able to better penetrate the skin, yet has the same ability to hold moisture as the high weight molecules.

Vycross technology uses 90% low-molecular-weight HA and only 10% high-molecular-weight HA to improve the cross-linking efficiency of the HA molecular chains. (To put this into perspective, traditional fillers are comprised of 100% high-molecular-weight HA.) Cross-linking, where bonds are added between the molecules, has been proven to increase the longevity of fillers, which is why Vycross products are long-lasting.

Vycross technology is patented by Allergan and can only be found in Allergan products.

Now, we know that was a whole lot of science to take in, so let’s skip straight to the results…

Benefits of Vycross Technology

Smoother Application

Because the molecules are smaller, the Volbella® XC filler flows easily and integrates more fully into the skin. This means you’ll easily be able to achieve smooth, natural-looking results.

Long Lasting

In order to establish the effectiveness of Volbella® XC for improving lip fullness and smoothing lines around the mouth, 168 people were treated with Volbella® XC and 56 were treated with another filler. A 5-point scale was used to evaluate the effectiveness of Volbella® XC for lip enhancement and a 4-point scale was used to evaluate how effectively it smoothed lines around the mouth.

Doctors reported that 80% of subjects had a 1-point improvement in lip fullness three months after treatment and 62% had at least a 1-point improvement one year after treatment. Doctors also reported that over 60% had at least a 1-point improvement in the appearance of lines around the mouth after treatment.

90% of the subjects reported that they thought their lips looked and felt natural for one year after treatment. Approximately two-thirds of people treated with Volbella® XC showed improvement in lip fullness through one year.

Comfortable plication

Volbella® XC is formulated with lidocaine in order to increase the patient’s comfort level during treatments.

Why choose Volbella® XC?

The smaller HA particular size allows your provider to easily achieve natural-looking results when treating the fine lines around the mouth. The small size also allows for a subtle enhancement of the lips without concern that the lips will look overfilled.

Ellen Marmur, MD, an Associate Clinical Professor in the department of Dermatology and Genetics/Genomic Research at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC, says “A longer lasting lip filler that does not look over the top, is the sweet spot that my patients have been looking for.”

Our own Sarah Dornik, RN, says, “Volbella is my favorite filler for vertical lip lines and lip structural support. Plus, it’s the longest lasting filler for the lips/lip lines!”

If you need even more convincing about how well Volbella works for subtle lip enhancement, we think these amazing before and after pictures speak for themselves.

volbella before and after

After getting Volbella® for the first time, Lisa, one of our staff members, said, “For so many years my lip lines have bothered me. I am not a smoker and didn’t cause these lines by habit. For me to find a solution has been awesome. I’ve already seen improvement after one syringe and cannot wait for my full transformation.”

AOB prides itself on making sure that our clients lips look natural and proportionate to their facial features. We know that Volbella® XC is a great option for those interested in lip augmentation. If you are interested in Volbella in Denver, contact us today at 303-305-4343 or to schedule a complimentary consultation.