Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing in Denver, CO

Fractional laser skin resurfacing is a non-ablative, non-invasive treatment that is proven to corrects fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and scaring. Unlike traditional laser resurfacing, fractional laser resurfacing targets only a small area, a fraction, of the skin with light beams, allowing the skin to heal more quickly than if the whole area was treated.

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Fractional laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive laser therapy involving an intense light beam that treats damaged surface skin. Treatment with a fractional laser can improve skin elasticity and texture, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, melasma and other dyschromias (skin discolorations). Unlike other laser skin resurfacing, fractional lasers only target small areas, leaving surrounding areas untouched (hence the name). This can result in a faster, easier recovery.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Fractional resurfacing is effective on:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles – like crow’s feet and brow lines
  • Surface scarring – erasing effects of acne and other scarring
  • Pigmentation – minimizing the appearance of age spots
  • Sun damage – helping heal dangerous skin damage
Treatment TypeFractional Laser Skin Resurfacing, Skin Resurfacing Treatments
Problem or ConditionAcne Scarring, Age Spots/Sun Damage, Fine Lines, Hyperpigmentation/Uneven Skintone, Large Pores, Melasma/Freckles, Scars, Uneven Skin Texture, Wrinkles
Skin TypeAging Skin



Most patients will require 3-5 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart.




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Great option Review by Gretchen
I had very little down time with this treatment. There is bit of pain involved but nothing extraordinary. The results are worth it! (Posted on 11/4/15)

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