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  • Celebrity CoolSculpting®

    If you follow celebrity news, you may have seen the recent episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians that aired May 22nd where Kris Jenner and her daughter, Kendall, were in a doctor’s office for CoolSculpting®. While it wasn’t Kendall who was being treated, it did appear that her mother/manager, Kris, was being treated along with a friend.


    But what is CoolSculpting®?

    If you are unfamiliar with CoolSculpting®, it’s an FDA-cleared procedure designed to reduce body fat by using the cold to target and kill the stubborn fat cells that cause belly fat or love handles.

    While it’s no substitute for liposuction and was never designed for major weight loss, it’s great for people who are already maintaining a steady weight but want to target the areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. It is appealing to many because it is non-invasive and requires no needles or downtime.

    And while, thanks to the Kardashians, CoolSculpting® is being newly discovered by many people, the treatment is far from new! Many Hollywood celebrities have undergone CoolSculpting® over the last several years including Super Model, Molly Sims. For Molly, CoolSculpting® was a solution to help her loose stubborn fat after having her baby.


    Kim Kardashian, like Molly Sims made headlines back in December when, in an attempt to lose weight after having her second baby, she visited a cosmetic surgeon.

    While Kim knew her husband would never have tolerated her undergoing liposuction, she sought CoolSculpting® as a great, non-invasive alternative.

    Anyone who knows anything about liposuction understands that it’s not a gentle procedure. During liposuction, the surgeon uses a suction tube to quite literally suck the fat out from under your skin through small incisions. Some surgeons also will insert a metal rod that delivers an ultrasound in order to break up the fat and make removal easier.

    Not only is the procedure incredibly invasive, the post-procedure pain, swelling, bruising and numbness can last for weeks.

    Liposuction is also risky. Not only because of the need for anesthesia, which always carries a risk, but also because the surgeon could potentially damage an organ. There’s also the risk of infection and bleeding. And if that isn’t enough, you have to be careful and choose your surgeon wisely since liposuction can actually make the area look worse.

    Kim and Kris aren’t the only CoolSculpting® fans either. Kloe, who has been very adamant that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery, openly admits that she has had CoolSculpting® treatments.

    That said… you don’t have to be a celebrity to benefit from CoolSculpting®! At affordable prices, CoolSculpting® is perfect for anyone looking to slim down!

    Good candidates are those who are at or close to their ideal body weight but have stubborn fat cells on the abdomen, flank (fat we commonly refer to as "love handles"), thighs or chin.

    While liposuction is a more complete fat reduction treatment that can offer immediate results, it’s also far more invasive… and not everyone wants to undergo a surgical procedure! CoolSculpting®, on the other hand, provides great results with zero downtime. And while the results aren’t immediate, this amazing treatment HAS been proven to work! If you’re interested in CoolSculpting® in Denver, contact us today at 303-305-4343 or

  • Fall Beauty: 5 Makeup Swaps to Make Now

    From the weather to your wardrobe, every season brings change. But as the weather shifts in Denver and Dallas, it's also an opportunity to inventory your makeup bag.

    How often do you throw away makeup products? Some of us throw out products only when the bottle is empty. Some of us have such a big collection that we don't even know when each item was purchased. If you aren't conscious of this, you could be housing harmful germs inside of your beauty products in Denver and Dallas.

    Mascara, concealer, powder, makeup brushes and sponges are among our most-used daily products that should be replaced. How often, you ask?

    Here's the scoop on fall makeup product replacement:

    Mascara: Every 3-4 months

    If you're closing your mascara tube tightly, chances are that you're keeping out airborne germs. But what about when you're touching your eyelashes to the brush and putting it back in that tube? Even though you might wash your face daily, your lashes could still carry germs that could grow into a problem if you harvest them inside the mascara tube longer than 3-4 months. If you're not using your mascara that quickly, you can also purchase disposable mascara brushes at cosmetic stores and use a different one when you apply the mascara. This is what makeup artists do to keep from spreading germs and it can extend the life of your own mascara.


    Liquid makeup: Every 12 months

    If you close the bottle of your liquid makeup tightly, you can keep this product for up to a year. There are a few tips for this extension, though. First, don't put your fingers over the bottle's opening. Instead, use a sponge to apply it. Second, you should be using different shades of liquid makeup as the seasons change. For instance, Colorado has a hot summer and a cold winter. Chances are that your skin will change a lot in color from season to season. You should have a lighter shade of makeup for winter and a medium shade for the summer when your skin tans in the sun.

    Sponges: Once per month

    Sponges are mostly used when applying concealer. They can tear after a week or two, but if they last longer, they need to be replaced monthly. Some say you can clean your sponges once a month instead of throwing them away, but your makeup will be applied smoother and more evenly if you change the sponge monthly.


    Powder + blush: Every 12 months

    If you don't apply a lot of powder, it can last for up to a year. You don't have to swap this often since you aren't applying it with your fingers. But like your concealer, you should change it with the season. Wear a lighter shade in the fall and winter since your skin won't be tanned as much from the sun. You don't want to have a darker, unnatural look. A bronzer or medium shade of powder can be used during the summer.


    Brushes: Clean once per month

    You might not have to replace makeup brushes often, but you still need to clean them. Powder and blush brushes should be cleaned once per month, but eyeliner and smudging brushes should be cleaned every week. So what's the best way to clean brushes? Though many stores sell pricy brush cleansers, baby shampoo works perfectly. Just use a little and run the bristles under warm water, gently working the shampoo (and germs) out. Let air dry overnight and enjoy smoother application of your products and healthier skin.

  • Things We Love Denver: Staff Picks

    With locations in both Texas and Colorado, the staff members at AOB Med Spa are what you could call experts when it comes to exploring the cities in each area. A few weeks ago, we shared what we loved about Dallas, and today we're sharing all of our favorite hotspots in the beautiful city of Denver. 

    From coffee shops to the best boutique to stop at before an important date or meeting, we're dishing on everything you need to know about the great city of Denver. 





    AOB Med Spa's guide to Denver, CO

     Favorite date night spot: Little Man Ice cream 

    • 2620 16th St, Denver, 80211
    • (303) 455-3811
    • Website

    If you haven't visited the giant milk jug in the Highlands, then your taste buds are definitely missing out. Little Man Ice Cream has been featured hundreds of times in publications and TV because of its unique architecture with the giant milk jug on top, as well as the inviting walk-up counter. The flavors are unique and made fresh, and the line will be worth the wait. After picking up flavors like cinnamon, Whopper malt or chocolate raspberry, the area is practically begging you to take a stroll – perfect for a date night. They also have malts, shakes, ice cream sandwiches and more!

    Favorite boutique: Francesca’s

    • 2800 E. 2nd Avenue Suite 106, Denver, 80206
    • 303-355-0987
    • Website

    Whether you're looking for an outfit for work, a summer wedding, or for a ladies' night out on the town, head to one of our favorite boutiques in Cherry Creek North, Francesca’s. If Zooey Deschanel was going to find a place to shop in Denver, we think it would be here. The shop is a mix of bright colors, dainty dresses, flowy skirts and more.

    Favorite gym: Orangetheory Fitness

    • 760 S. Colorado Blvd. Unit C, Glendale, 80246
    • (303) 996-8854
    • Website

    Looking for a gym that promises an energy increase, quick results and a unique workout that will never bore you? We're in love with the Orange 60 workout at Orangetheory Fitness. Heart rate-based treadmill interval training, indoor rowing, and weight training blocks are a few components of this workout. It keeps you moving while not pushing you passed your limit. This workout is said to increase your energy in one month, give you amazing results in three, and be a "new you" in six. It's fun, it's created for those who want an intense workout, and it works.  

    Favorite coffee shop: Aviano Coffee

    • 244 Detroit St, Denver, CO 80206
    • (303) 399-8347
    • Website

    Denver is a hub of popular, locally owned coffee shops that offer original blends and a creative environment. When we're looking for a quick pick-me-up on the way to our Cherry Creek location, we head to Aviano Coffee on Detroit. This place was moved from around the corner and given a face-lift that makes it contemporary, clean and inviting. It has great service and the perfect pour based on your flavor preference.

     Favorite makeup: Glo Professional

    Denver-based beauty brand Glo is our favorite go-to makeup brand because it not only uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and is entirely talc-free, it has an affordable line of product for every skin type, color and preference. Whether you're looking for a great new bronzer for summer or you need a full kit for your lips, Glo has numerous options. 

    Favorite AOB Med Spa product: m.peccable Women’s Oxygenated Cleanser

    • More info

    Plant, sea and mineral extracts open up your pores, cleanse deep down in your skin, and make your skin feel breathable, fresh and clean. This is a gentle everyday product that is powerful without being abrasive.

  • Yelp Visits Dallas' AOB Med Spa: Food, Photo-facials and Feedback

    When you're looking for advice about a restaurant or business, word of mouth is practically the best way to get it. Since 2004, Yelp has provided those looking for reviews with just that: honest reviews that you can trust.

    For AOB Med Spa's Dallas location, we recently hosted over 50 Dallas Yelpers to get a first-hand experience with food, information about our services, and treatment presentations.

    Everyone left with a goody bag and a new outlook on AOB Med Spa. See photos below from the event, along with reviews from some of the Dallas Yelpers!

    the REVIEWS

    "Great event. The staff at MPulse were so professional and helpful. The salon itself was was so welcoming. I felt as I would be in good hands or at least my face would be. I really enjoyed the demos especially the microdermabrasion. I've been on the fence about skin care treatments and now that I've seen some administered  and the procedures explained I'm anxious for my next visit to MPulse, without the crowd of course. Heli, another fantastic job! Those Trailercakes YUM I was trying to resist but I'm glad I didn't. Great goodie bag I'm trying the masque tonight." - Yolanda M., Irving, TX

    "Come and get your photofacial on! We've been spoiled as Yelpers in Dallas lately with multiple events at spas. This was my first visit to MPulse and I was excited to check the place out. And while I didn't get to actually expereince one of the facials myself, it was cool to watch others in their experiences. I sipped on white wine while we watched Piyushia get her microdermabrasion. Everyone looked so refreshed afterwards. The food and wine were delicious and the MPulse staff was beyond gracious. I was thoroughly convinced to make my appointment for my own photofacial that evening. I'm excited to return. Great event all around!" - Benjamin L., Dallas, TX

    "I had a great time at the Yelp CMYE at M Pulse! I have always wondered about a couple of the treatments, so it was great to see them performed in person, and to get feedback on what it was like. The space is absolutely gorgeous and very relaxing. Oh, and the Goodie Bags were great. I can't wait to try the face mask this weekend. I also love the cute mini cupcakes by Trailer Cakes. Thank you so much Heli and M Pulse for a great time!" - Keli M., Dallas, TX


    • To see more photos from the Yelp at AOB Med Spa event, CLICK HERE
    • To see more reviews from Dallas Yelpers, CLICK HERE
  • Staff Picks: Things We Love in Dallas

    The sun is hot, the hair is big and the city is beautiful: Today we're looking at one of AOB Med Spa's two cities, Dallas. We've asked our staff what they love most about the city, which includes the best of shopping, dining and city exploring. Whether these places are your go-to spots too, or you've never heard of them, tag along as we take a look at some of the coolest businesses and hotspots that Dallas offers.



    This local coffee shop is a Dallas favorite among many. They serve Four Barrel coffee, as well as fresh juice, pastries and sandwiches. But what makes this place special, is that is also has rotating beer and wine on tap. Whether you need an amazing cuo of 


    HG Sply Co.

    Many restaurants serve fried and over-processed food that may taste good, but doesn't so anything for you nutritionally. HG Sply Co. uses ingredients that only comes from wildlife and natural farming. You can taste each ingredient because of how fresh it is. But don't let the health kick fool you -- the food is not only good for you, but it's delicious.


    Klyde Warren Park

    With over 5 acres, Klyde Warren Park is a gathering place in the heart of Dallas, between Woodall Rodgers Freeway between Pearl and St. Paul streets. It offers free space to have lunch outside, as well as offers entertainment during the weekends and summer. It's a unique place where you can enjoy the outdoors while also getting a glimpse at the beautiful city's skyline. 


    The Drybar Dallas

    Concentrating only on blowouts, The Drybar is a nationally known salon. No color, no cuts, just blowing out your hair to make it big, bouncy and beautiful. 


    Milk & Honey Boutique

    • 1906 Henderson
    • Website

    We love Milk & Honey boutique because it's fashion-forward, without blowing your budget. It always has a sale going on, but you can find anything you need to make a great outfit. We're loving its spring collection right now, along with all the accessories to pair it with. 


    Emporium Pies

    Containing no preservatives, hydrogenated oils, dyes or corn syrup, Emporium Pies are natural, hand-made everyday, and you can taste the freshness. The pie shop is quaint and feels like home when you walk in -- not to mention the amazing smell. 

  • AOB Med Spa to Participate at 303 Magazine's Denver Fashion Weekend

    The biggest fashion event in all of Colorado is just a couple of weeks away, and AOB Med Spa is happy to announce that it is participating! 303 Magazine's Denver Fashion Weekend, presented by Schomp MINI is coming up on April 3, 5+6 at City Hall Amphitheatre in Denver.

    Fashion shows are dedicated to showcasing fashion, creativity and beauty, so AOB Med Spa is the official skincare sponsor to help make the show its best. AOB Med Spa will have a skincare station backstage each night where the models, stylists and beauty professionals can use our product. Getting dolled up and looking beautiful takes great skincare products and we are honored to be a part of making that happen.

    AOB Med Spa will also be giving 3,000 guests goodies from our current collection of skincare products. VIP seating will have full-sized products in their gift bags, but GA guests will also get special gifts. Make sure to buy tickets to Denver Fashion Weekend in order to get some great AOB Med Spa goodies!

    Here's a preview of what you can experience at this three-night event:

    Thursday, April 3



    • Cocktail party

    9:00-10:30PM: National Brands: Street Style Fashion Show

    • MINI
    • Ducati
    • Burton


    • After Party @ Funky Buddah Lounge: 776 Lincoln St, Denver 80203


    Saturday, April 5


    • Cocktail party

    9:30-10:30PM: Local Fashion Show

    Local designers

    • Oscar Utierre
    • Crystal Lee
    • Kotomi Yoshida
    • Jiberish

    Local boutiques

    • Tikwid
    • Steadbrook

    Celebrity Designer

    • Mondo Guerra


    • After party @ Epernay Lounge: 1080 14th Street, Denver


    Sunday, April 6


    Cocktail party

    8:30-10:30PM: HAIR SHOW + Colorado Hairstyling Awards, Featuring Denver’s top salons

    -Announcing Newcomer Award

    • First HAIR SHOW segment

    -Announcing Avant Garde Award
    -Announcing Hair Colorist Award

    • Second HAIR SHOW segment

    -Announcing Colorado HairStylist Of The Year Award

    Presenting salons include: 

    • Halo
    • El Salon
    • Ed G-3
    • J Audrey
    • Rita B
    • Thompson & Co
    • The Look
    • Antoine Du Chez
    • Ted’s Hair Studio
    • Swank
    • Mode
    • Three Cutters


    • After party @ Epernay Lounge: 1080 14th Street, Denver

    Buy your tickets NOW!

  • Queen For a Day Contest Winner: Demi D.


    "My beautiful girlfriend, Demi, is one of the hardest working girls I know. She not only goes to school full-time, but she also works a late night job 5 days a week, usually getting off work around 3am. She also does many art projects on the side and is an aspiring photographer filling up her weekends with engagement shoots and model portraits. She is constantly exhausted from all her work, and recently has been stuck with a nasty cough and sickness that has been lingering for weeks. Not only is she busy with her personal work, but she is consistently there to take care of me, to love me, and to help me out when I need it. She is one of the most intelligent persons I know that has so much talent and creative ability. Everyday I smile because I know that I have this insanely amazing girl in my life, I wish I could give her the whole world because she deserves it. At the very least, she deserves a free spa treatment, and a moment to just completely relax and be pampered. This girl has taken my whole heart and I love her so deeply. She is the most special thing to me that could use a little break once in awhile."


  • Queen-for-a-Day Contest

    This Valentine's Day, instead of getting that special someone a card, flowers and a box of chocolates, why not make them feel like the queen they really are?
     m.pulse is announcing its 'Queen for a Day' contest, where one lucky winner will receive a deluxe spa day (a $300 value). This includes a VIP treatment with facial, microdermabrasion or chemical peel, along with a product gift basket valued at $150.
     If you think your loved one deserves to be treated like royalty this Valentine's Day, send us a photo along with a short paragraph explaining why they deserve to be treated like a queen.

    Go HERE to enter.

    Example entry: 
    "My wife should win the Queen For a Day contest because she does so much for our family and deserves a day to relax and get pampered herself. We have two girls and she dedicates all of her time to them instead of ever doing anything for herself. I would love for her to be treated like the wonderful queen she is to my daughters and I."
  • NYE '14: Dallas and Denver's Top 5 Events

    It's hard to believe that tomorrow night marks the official last day of 2013. From Denver to Dallas, we hope all of you m.pulsers have the best New Years Eve yet. 

    Whether you're looking for a posh party to sip champagne and dance your way into the new year, or you're looking for a more relaxed evening, we've collected both Denver and Dallas' best events. Pick out that party dress and a pair of heels that you'll be able to walk in for more than two hours, because you'll definitely want to be a part of what both cities have to offer. 

    Happy New Year from m.pulse and may this be your best and healthiest year yet!


    Dallas NYE Events: 

     Zouk NYE 2014: Hollywood Glam


    • Tickets start at $100/person
    • More info HERE

    If you're looking to celebrate NYE like a celebrity, Zouk nightclub is hosted a 'Hollywood Glam' bash featuring a red carpet, burlesque dancers, a balloon drop, champagne toast and more. With over 25,000 sq. ft. of space, Zouk is one of the largest NYE parties in town.


     A Fashionable New Years Eve at Fashion Industry Gallery

    • Tickets start at $100/person
    • More info HERE

    For a truly fashion-forward New Years Eve, head to the Fashion Industry Gallery for the 11th annual Fashionable New Years Eve party. Dallas' own DJ Humble will be spinning all night where you can partake in dancing, enjoying premium spirits, and be around other fashionable people of Dallas. 


    Champagne Life “2014 NYE” at The Old Red Courthouse

    • VIP tickets start at $75/person
    • More info HERE

    From 5MadeMen! and LLCPresents, join in on the 3rd annual Champagne Life 2014 NYE celebration at Dallas' historic Old Red Courthouse. The dress code is strictly black tie, so walk the white carpet in elegance and style. 


    One World NYE 2014 at Southside Ballroom

    • Tickets start at $40/person
    • More info HERE

    For a NYE party that has many different elements for a remarkable night of fun, One World is hosting a bash that includes a fashion show, 3 themed rooms with different music in each, 20 of the hottest DJs from all over the US, fire throwers and more.


    4th Annual DE NYE Ball

    • Tickets start at $20/person
    • More info HERE

    i93 radio is teaming up with Dallas Entourage to produce one of the biggest parties in town. With over 2,000 guests expected, the DE NYE Ball will be the place you'll want to party, featuring: a countdown, balloon drop, confetti cannons, party favors, sparklers, champagne showers,midnight toast and a free beerpong tournament for a cash prize. 


    Denver NYE Events: 

    The Denver NYE Black Tie Party

    • Tickets start at $90/person
    • More info HERE

    Looking for a sophisticated, yet exciting New Years Eve? The Black Tie Party is located in the historic Sherman Street Event Center and is going classy this year with a black-tie dress code featuring VINTAGE 3D & DANETTE HOLLOWELL, 81 NEUTRONZ and more. 


    New Years Eve Lannie Garrett's AnySwing Goes

    • More info HERE

    If you don't want to hit up a party with thousands of other guests and you're looking for something interesting to do while ringing in the new year, Lannie's Clocktower is hosting a New Year's Eve extravaganza full of champagne, fireworks and of course, a show. Doors open at 8pm.


    Denver's Grandest New Years Eve Party

    • Tickets start at $149/person
    • More info HERE

    Want to revel in the city without having to leave after the party's over? The Grand Hyatt Denver is hosting one of the biggest and most exclusive parties this year with four ballrooms of different experiences. You can also upgrade your party experience by taking part in the 38th floor's renowned Pinnacle Club for the VIP Grand Gatsby Party. For $599 per room, you can partake of the sit-down gourmet dinner, dancing to Tuxedo Junction, overnight accommodations, admission to Denver's Grandest New Year's Eve Party plus views of the Mile High City on New Year's Eve with 16th Street Mall fireworks displays and more.


    White Rose Gala

    • Tickets start at $59
    • More info HERE

    Bring out your flapper dress and get ready to experience roaring 20s like never before. The White Rose Gala'a proceeds benefit the Women's Global Empowerment Fund, which helps women who are recovering from violence and poverty in post conflict regions. Enjoy champagne while experiencing theatrical and musical performances, along with a 10-story balloon drop at midnight. 


    NYE at Hangar 6

    • Tickets start at $90/person
    • More info HERE

    For a unique New Years Eve experience, head to Hangar 6 at Colorado's Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. Proceeds go to SOUL Uganda. The night will include an open bar, dancing, music and champagne toasts alongside life-sized historic planes. 

  • Check Your Pulse For Inspiration!

    Looking for a little inspiration; something to get you motivated? Whether it’s your work, working out, or getting a creative project completed, remember that everyone goes through inspiration droughts. What’s key is acknowledging and understanding what inspires you and figuring out ways to keep yourself motivated. So, what do we do when we’re in need of some serious inspiration?


    1. Find significance in what you do: Knowing that your work makes a difference to someone or something in the world or community around you goes a long way in the inspiration department. Not only should you take pride in the fact that your work makes a statement, but your self-worth and self-satisfaction boosts your motivation to keep chugging along, and gives you inspirational energy!
    2. Mix it up a little! Some people find that their motivation increases while they work on a task from start to finish; others are the exact opposite; they need breaks in between and they need task or skill variety to stay motivated or to find more inspiration. We prefer the latter, (but to each his own). The way we see it, working on the same task or the same skill repeatedly can get tiring and old very quickly. After awhile, it may feel like you’re just going through the motions, and your brain starts to shut off a little. That’s the opposite of what we want to happen! We need variety, to be kept on our toes, excitement! After all, changing things up keeps your brain alert, making you feel more motivated. Plus, ever heard of the saying, “the best ideas come to you when you’re not thinking about them?”  Working on another task can allow your mind to wander, producing creative solutions or ideas for other tasks and areas of your work.
    3. Get out and do something fun! “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” couldn’t be any truer!  Sometimes, you just need a break. Sitting and staring at the task at hand waiting for motivation or inspiration to kick in is absolutely pointless.  Get up, take a walk, watch a movie, tour a museum, exercise, anything! Just step away from your desk and give yourself some time to reboot and get the creative juices flowing in a relaxed atmosphere.  The best ideas present themselves when you least expect it, so don’t put pressure on yourself and try to force it. Most of the time, that kind of inspiration doesn’t produce very flattering work and you’ll find yourself feeling like you could’ve done better. Relax. True inspiration will come naturally.
    4. It’s not what, but how: Maybe in your work you don’t always have the choice of working on tasks you prefer, but strive to maintain the opportunity to choose how you achieve your tasks and get work done. Of course, we’re not telling you to break your employer’s policies or procedures, but hopefully you’re able to approach each project or task in your own way, and in such a way that your creativity is able to flow at its optimum level.
    5. Don’t be afraid to try new things: Remember that the best creativity usually comes from the most out-of-the-box idea, or something completely new that you or no one else has tried yet. Go ahead-be daring, try it! If not, you’ll regret it later on when you see someone else discover the same great idea; the only difference? – They had the courage to believe in their creativity.

    When it comes to inspiration, the sky is the limit! There are no guidelines, rules, or formal procedures. Your motivation and imagination are what fuels your inspiration. Figure out what moves you and inspires you to produce your best work. Remember, it may not be the same method as before, so don’t be afraid to try new ideas and ways to become inspired. Inspiration is everywhere; be creative enough to find yours!


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