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Meet Amy, Cancer Survivor & AOB Client

The following blog post was written by Catherine Moede, an AOB home office team member.

As we approach Breast Cancer Awareness month, I think it is important to remember and honor all cancer survivors.  Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with AOB Client and two-time cancer survivor, Amy Kearney, to talk about the road to recovery and life after cancer. 

Amy is 44 years old, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her.  Amy is one of our All Over Beautiful clients who is athletic, strong and happy.  Amy has been a client of AOB Med Spa for the last year and a half and sees Karen at our Med Spa in Lone Tree location.  Amy originally came into AOB for a Microdermabrasion treatments treatment and after her first few visits she felt comfortable with Karen and confident in the results she started to receive. She has been a loyal client ever since.

When Amy was 29 she experienced her first bout of cancer in her ovaries and uterus.  After surgery and chemo, Amy was made a survivor for the first time.  Eleven years ago, Amy moved to Colorado and two years later, the day before her wedding, Amy got another round of bad news.  She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

 When you go through something as life changing as cancer you start to prioritize your life differently. Skincare has become routine for Amy.  She explains that it is a big part of her life and something she has made a priority since her late 20’s after her first round of cancer.

 “It’s like anything – you go for a run, you brush your teeth, it just becomes part of your life,” says Amy.

 Routine skincare maintenance is important to having healthy skin and feeling beautiful.  This all over beautiful feeling is more than skin deep.  When we feel beautiful we act beautiful and are able to spread love and kindness to the people who surround us in our lives.

 “Beauty comes from within, but you have one body and you have to care of it.  Exercising, eating well, taking care of your skin all contribute to making you feel beautiful,” Amy explained to me.

 Amy strives to live a healthy life.  She describes her diet as clean and works out regularly.  In fact, before we met, she squeezed in a morning run and told me she is currently training for a half marathon this November. 

 Amy explains that the grass is not always greener on the other side.  Tough things happen in life, but you have to be willing to stick it out.  Amy fought through her cancer and has been there for multiple friends through their diagnosis, surgeries and recoveries.  “I have five girl friends that are breast cancer survivors.  I actually don’t know anyone else that has had any other form of cancer,” Amy admits.

Amy is strong.  Amy is healthy.  Amy is All Over Beautiful. This is a women that admits she’s rather spend her money taking care of her skin than buying a new pair of jeans.  Her sense of humor is evident and her story empowering.  A woman who has not only survived cancer twice but has learned to live to the fullest through it all.

AOB Med Spa is proud to support the American Cancer Society, Making Strides and all of the cancer patients and survivors out there by allowing each person to define their beautiful throughout their life journey.  That is why we partnered with ACS over the summer for Relay for Life and why we are continuing our partnership this October for the Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk in Denver. 

 If you would like to be a part of our team you can sign up in one of our centers or email or call 303.731.5452 us to sign up! There is a $20 registration fee that includes a Team AOB Making Strides T-shirt with proceeds going directly to Making Strides.  Additionally 10% of the proceeds from our pink m.pulse Day & Night Creams will be donated to the American Cancer Society between September 15 and October 15 in honor of our clients, like Amy, that are cancer survivors. 


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