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Skincare During Pregnancy

This week, we asked a member of our AOB family to share her AOB story with us. The following is written by Chloe Kirchner from the Highpointe Center. Chloe has worked for AOB for over two years and has been in the industry for 11 years.


To say that pregnancy comes with a lot of big changes is an understatement. In preparing to bring a child into this world, the body goes through several physical changes including the way our skin looks and feels. Throughout the duration of my pregnancy, I have had to alter my skincare routine to maintain healthy skin and to counter the skincare issues that popped up due to my pregnancy.

The most common skincare issues that I have seen in my skin and with most pregnant women are hormonal pigmentation or hormonal breakouts. This is a result of the hormonal imbalance that many people experience during pregnancy.

It is really important for pregnant women to cleanse their skin twice a day and drink plenty of water. With hormones constantly in flux during pregnancy, taking good care of your skin is really important for maintaining healthy skin. I recommend waiting on heavier exfoliations until the second trimester because the skin is much more sensitive during the first trimester.

Phloretin CF (SkinCeuticals) has been my go-to during pregnancy – it keeps everything under control. As an anti-oxidant, it helps to control and break up pigmentation in the skin. It’s something that you can use all over the face throughout the duration of the pregnancy.

Once you’ve given birth, it's time to treat yourself! I recommend getting a dermaplane and a facial to celebrate bringing a new life into this world! After you have finished breastfeeding, you can go back to your normal regimen and start to really correct your skin from serious hormonal influx. A hydrafacial or photofacial are great options for you at this point!

And, let's not forget CoolSculpting®, which may help you reduce of any unwanted body fat post-baby! CoolSculpting® is a great option for helping mothers get their body back after giving birth using cutting edge technology. CoolSculpting® freezes your fat cells away and many clients have seen incredible results throughout the several weeks following each treatment.