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Meet Chloe, Aesthetician at Highpointe

This week, we asked a member of our AOB family to share her AOB story with us. The following is written by Chloe Kirchner from the Highpointe Center. Chloe has worked for AOB for over two years and has been in the industry for 11 years. 

Education is essential in all aspects of life from formal schooling to being educated on the products you buy and use.  Think about the choices you make when buying a new laptop or phone.  Most people like to research the quality, the capabilities and the cost before making a decision on what product to invest in.  We have to start thinking about skincare products and treatments in a similar way.  It is important to understand the ingredients that make up our skincare products and the benefits that a skincare treatment can have on our skin.  A huge part of why I love my job is that I love training and educating both staff and clients about skincare.

 I have worked in the skincare industry for 11 years and have been with AOB Med Spa for the last 2.5 years.  I initially got into the industry because I was interested in makeup, however, through my training in school, I realized that skincare and aesthetics are where I can make a bigger difference in someone’s life.  I love working with a client from treatment to transformation in order to get them the results that they are looking for.  It’s an amazing feeling to see a client’s confidence grow as they start to see real results.

 One of my favorite treatments to perform is microneedling.  It helps to enhance the fullness of the skin and provides collagen induction therapy, which will aid in the regrowth of the collagen providing a tightening of the skin.  It is very successful in treating a variety of skin issues such as fine lines and melisma.  As we near the end of the summer, it is a good time to start thinking about this treatment, as the fall is the best time to get microneedling.

 I am an expecting mother and am really excited to welcome my little one into this All Over Beautiful world!  Just like my mother taught me how to take care of my skin and I am really looking forward to doing the same with my little one when he or she arrives!  Everything works from the inside out.  What you put into your body dictates so much about your life.  Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods makes a huge difference in the condition of your skin.  If you want a healthy glow, you need to be working it from every angle.

 All Over Beautiful to me is working hard, doing good in the world, treating other people with kindness, and putting out good into the universe.  You are what you preach.