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Julie Bowen – A Fan of IPL Photo Facials! Photo Facials in Denver and Photo Facials in Dallas

In a recent issue of New Beauty Magazine, “Modern Family” star Julie Bowen revealed her secrets for beautiful skin. While her perfect, alabaster complexion can be partially attributed to consistent use of sunscreen as well as results-oriented skin care products, she did reveal that regular IPL photo facials have allowed her to get rid of years of sun damage. 

“I’ve done IPL to get rid of sunspots,” she told the popular beauty magazine.

Here at the AOB Med Spa in Dallas as well as medical spas in Denver, IPL photo facials are extremely popular for reducing sun damage like Julie’s former freckles. Our clients are amazed that they can remove years – even decades – of unsightly sun damage, and all with no downtime!

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and is a form of laser skin rejuvenation. It works by emitting laser light energy over the surface of the skin. The excess pigment within the skin is absorbed by this energy, reducing it over time. IPL treatments are typically completed in a series for this reason, though dramatic results can often be seen soon after just one treatment.

In addition to reducing sun damage, IPL is a extremely effective for treating rosacea, broken capillaries, spider veins of the face, liver spots, age spots and more. Here is what one recent AOB Med Spa IPL client had to say about their experience: “I visited .pulse for a session of 3 IPL facials…I was so pleased with my experience and will definitely go back for any future beauty needs.  My appointments were with Seabron, a fantastic aesthetician!  She was knowledgeable and detailed when it came to my treatment plan.  My treatments gave me great results with little side effects, so I feel like it was tailored just for my skin.  I looked forward to my visits and will return for a touch up!”

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