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Sun Spots: One Woman's Journey to Get Them Removed

It's finally the time of year for short skirts, summer dresses and tank tops. But if you have insecurities about certain areas of your skin, dressing for the season can be intimidating.

Luckily, AOB Med Spa has the most innovative technology in the skincare industry and we are ready to help you feel and look beautiful this summer.

AOB Med Spa's own Melanie Walker, Director of Business Development for Texas, has had sun spots on her back for over 15 years. Recently, she began a series of IPL (Intense Pulled Light) treatments and after only 2 treatments she is already seeing results!


Learn More About Melanie's Skincare Journey Below:

Tell us a little about your background and what led to the development of your sun spots.

  • Melanie Walker: I have lived in Texas my entire life and spent lots of time in the sun – I was not good about wearing sunscreen.

When did you decide to get treatments?

  • MW: After seeing a photo from a Christmas party where I had a backless dress, I could not believe how much sun damage I had! It is an area that we can easily forget about.

Tell us about your treatments.

  • MW: I am receiving IPL treatments to target the sun damage and pigmentation on my back. I have had only 2 treatments to date.

When did you see the first signs of results? 

  • MW: …after the first treatment! I could tell the majority of brown spots were lighter.
Here's a closer look at Melanie's transformation


How many more treatments are you expected to have?

  • MW: I am planning to have 2 additional IPL treatments and then will see how I feel after that.

What are you most excited about after getting your spots removed?

  • MW: I'm excited about the ability to wear summer dresses and not feel self-conscious.

Would you suggest this treatment to others?

  • MW: I am 100% a believer of IPL treatments now. I did not know there was such a safe, simple solution for the sun damage I did to my back years ago. This treatment is fast and virtually pain-free with amazing results. I can’t wait to complete my suggested treatments.

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