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Before and After: One Woman's Quest to Remove Dark Spots

When looking into getting treatments for skin issues like wrinkles, scarring and dark spots, it’s helpful to hear first-hand what the experience is like.

Today we’re introducing you to Jane, an AOB Med Spa employee who decided to try the IPL Treatment, hoping it would help clear up her dark spots. After receiving two treatments, Jane has already seen results and is excited to share what it’s like to receive IPL.

We’ll be checking in with Jane to see her progress, but let’s see how her skin has changed after just two treatments

When did you start to notice your dark spots?   

Jane: I’ve had “freckles” since I was a teenager but it has gotten worse as I got older.  Around my mid 40s, I have noticed the spots getting bigger and darker, so I know they were because of age. I am 53 now, so the spots are even worse.

Where do you think your dark spots originate from?

When I was younger, I thought it was because of my Spanish heritage.  I was born and raised in the Philippines, so I was exposed to the sun ALL the time with no protection. I am a Filipino but my father is half Spanish. My skin is much lighter than a typical Filipino and even compared to my siblings. 

Did the dark spots affect your self-esteem at all?

No, not really.  I haven’t really focused on my looks especially my complexion.  This is probably because of my background and the culture I came from. 

When did you start exploring options to treat the dark spots?

When I started working for AOB Med Spa. I actually did not have any plans on treating my skin, nor have I spent any significant amount of time maintaining my complexion. But now that I started learning how to care for my skin, it’s actually exciting – it’s eye opening as to how much I can improve my complexion.

When did you start getting treatment?

I went to get my very first facial and skin assessment in January.

Tell us about what kind of treatments you’re receiving.  

I am doing the IPL to try to remove my dark spots and fine lines on my face.  I’ve had two treatments since January and a few facials in between. On my second treatment, we’ve decided to remove upper lip hair, too. 

 Are the treatments painful at all?

For me, not so much. The pain a client will experience will depend on their pain tolerance. The aestheticians are very good about asking me about my comfort level throughout my treatment.


Have you noticed any change so far?

Yes! My face looks so much lighter and it’s so soft – I love the softness.  My friends and co-workers have made comments about how my skin looks. Even my son made a comment about how my skin looked different. 

How much longer will you be receiving treatments?

The aestheticians I have worked with think that I should have a total of six series of treatments. They would like to do the treatments every 3 to 4 weeks.

How will receiving treatments for dark spots change the way you feel about your skin?

It is making more aware of how my face looks as I get older. It is also making me realize that I really need to take care of my skin and it does not take a lot of effort or time to do so. 

Would you recommend this treatment for others with dark spots?

Yes, absolutely! I would recommend not only the dark spots (and wrinkles) treatments, but also using the AOB Med Spa products regularly to care for their skin – not to mention AOB Med Spa hair removal!