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Perfect Girl's Night Out

My friends and I have a time-honored tradition of a monthly girl’s night out. Since we are all Moms in our late 20s, it gives us a chance to escape from the kids, gossip about our husbands and relax.

We are always looking for something fun to do other than the traditional “chick flick” or bar scene. Two months ago we went to a painting class … our pictures were so bad you wouldn’t even want to hang them in your bathroom! But last month I found the ultimate m.azing pampering experience for us all … a Glow and Tell party at m.pulse! My six friends and I piled into my SUV (cliché isn’t it?) and headed for the Denver m.pulse IPL center (there are six locations in Denver and two in Plano).

As a busy Mom, I barely have time to wash my face, let alone have a skin care regime!

Our adventure started with an instant m.pact facial which in itself was heaven … the skin cleansing plus the steam towel plus the moisturizer. .. you just kinda sink into the chair. And your skin feels so smooth it is unbelievable! Then we each had an IPL photo-rejuvenation treatment which helps with fine lines and wrinkles… I have some frown lines that I can definitely attribute to my two-year-old!

All while we were munching on snacks, drinking these amazing mocktails  and giggling like little kids.

To be honest, I had never heard of IPL… I’ve heard of Botox, but the thought of injecting a toxin into my system just scares the beejesus out of me. And a face lift? Sounds great, but who has the time or money?  IPL is a simple, safe treatment that uses pulses of light to get rid of the redness in your skin or the broken capillaries. And who doesn’t have those after years of tanning booths and baking in the sun without lotion? At first I thought it would hurt, but to be honest, it tickled!

I was skeptical of the results … we did it more for the experience than the outcome. But you could really tell the difference in our faces after only one treatment … we looked a little … well fresher. The estheticians (or Luminologists as they call it) were a fun group and really knew their stuff. But most importantly, we felt better about ourselves, because we had done something to spoil ourselves.

The Glow and Tell party lasted about 2 hours and only cost $89/apiece – a small price to pay to feel a little younger. And, as the host, I got half off of my entrance! Go ahead and put your best face forward on Girl’s Night by scheduling a Glow and Tell party!