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Tips for Skin Care to Improve the Quality of Your Skin

Your skin can tell you a lot about your body and its health. So, what are you eating? How often are you exercising? Are you taking care of your skin daily? A credible, proven skin product can dramatically improve the quality of your skin, however, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and daily hygiene habits also play a tremendous role.

Diet: Fruits, veggies, fish and nuts are all full of nutrients and necessary antioxidants that help your skin stay healthy. Vitamin E and C (which can be found in most fruits and veggies) are vital for clear, healthy skin.  Fish and nuts contain Omega fatty acids, which help skin fight against age. 

  • Skin friendly fruits: Tomatoes, kiwis, blueberries, (to name a few)
  • Skin friendly veggies: Sweet potatoes, leafy green vegetables like spinach

These skin friendly foods won’t aid your skin by eating them every now and then though. You must strive to eat them on a regular basis, especially for long-term anti-aging results.

Hygiene: Of course, eating a healthier diet will help to improve your skin, however, daily cleansing and moisturizing is also essential.  Oil build-up overnight and throughout the day causes pores to clog and bacteria to form, creating acne, enlarged pores and irritation. Washing your face morning and night washes away the oil build-up and bacteria, so skin is able to stay healthier and clearer. Make sure you’re using the proper cleanser for your skin, too.  If your skin is normally sensitive, dry, or extra oily, you’ll need a cleanser that focuses specifically on those skin issues. If your skin is very dry, try only cleansing at night to allow your natural oils from your sleep, last throughout the day.  Don’t forget to moisturize!

Most importantly, you always want to protect your skin. Sun block, sun block, sun block. We know having tan skin is beautiful and incredibly tempting, but it won’t help in the long run, especially if you’re trying to avoid fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots. Plus, you can still use sunscreen and get a good tan or sun-kissed look, if you just absolutely must have that summer glow.

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