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The Advantages of IPL

IPL Treatments for Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

When m.pulse was researching what technology to use in our hair removal and photo-rejuvenation centers, we literally searched worldwide. Our criteria were very demanding: we wanted the treatment to be affordable, comfortable, non-invasive, extremely effective, and safe…somewhat of a tall order! After extensive research and development, we decided on IPL technology for permanent hair removal, photo-rejuvenation and other skin transformation solutions.


What Is IPL?
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the emission of rapid pulses of polychromatic light, filtered to produce a specified range of wavelengths. IPL hair removal and photo-rejuvenation targets hair follicles, skin pigmentation, acne and veins, and skin tissue that is red or brown while avoiding damage to the lighter, normal, surrounding tissues. Rather than indiscriminately removing all of the cells in a particular layer of skin, IPL targets only the unwanted cells.

The Advantages of IPL
. The #1 reason m.pulse chose IPL technology versus laser is the results for our clients. When it comes to IPL permanent hair removal, IPL effectively gets rid of unwanted hair, eliminating the need for other, more painful, expensive and time-consuming methods. After just one IPL for hair removal treatment, roughly 1-3 weeks after, clients typically notice 30-40% less hair regrowth. And when it comes to IPL treatments for photo-rejuvenation, you’ll have younger looking skin at the speed of light! Gone will be your age spots, fine wrinkles and acne.

Versatile. IPL technology has been shown to be extremely effective for both men and women for both hair removal and photo-rejuvenation on virtually any part of the body. Although in the past IPL was recommended for people with light skin and dark hair, advancements have made it possible for virtually any skin type and hair color. m.pulse offers a free comprehensive skin assessment to ensure IPL is the right treatment for you.

Affordable Price. Our IPL treatments are extremely affordable – only $60 for IPL hair removal per area and $80 for IPL for photo-rejuvenation. We also offer some instant m.pact facials that are only $30. You can’t beat our IPL pricing or the quality of our IPL treatments! You get a Fifth Avenue Glow for Main Street prices.

No Down Time. No Side Effects. Certain technologies require you to hide in the house while you recover from the procedure. With our IPL hair removal treatments and IPL photo-rejuvenation, there is no downtime and virtually no side effects. You can have an IPL treatment over your lunch hour and be at your desk in no time! If you are having IPL for skin rejuvenation, you can put your makeup on right after your IPL treatment. IPL is non-invasive and safe.

Painless. The old slogan  ”no pain, no gain” doesn’t apply with IPL. IPL is virtually painless, especially with the cooling heads our IPL equipment has. Unlike laser treatments where you feel you are being snapped by hot rubber bands, IPL feels more like a warm light passing over your skin.

New products, treatments, and non-invasive procedures are coming to the market every day. At m.pulse. We carefully evaluate all of these and offer only the best, truly effective hair removal and facial treatments, so our client feel m.powered!.