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The Difference Between IPL Technology and Laser

Although you may think the term “laser” and “IPL” are synonymous, they are in fact very different technologies. Which one is better? Call us biased, but the clear winner is IPL.

m.pulse has tried both. Tested both. Researched both. And extensively compared the results of both technologies for hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, acne therapy and vein therapy.  As far as m.pact, there is no doubt that IPL produces better outcomes for our clients. And ridding yourself of unwanted hair, fine lines, age spots, and veins is what m.pulse is all about!

IPL Versus Laser Defined
Technologically, what makes m.pulse IPL (polychromatic) different from laser (monochromatic) is that m.pulse IPL directs a broad-spectrum, high intensity light pulse on the skin instead of a more invasive, precisely calibrated laser beam set on a narrower, specific wavelength.  Rather than indiscriminately removing all of the cells in a particular layer of skin, m.pulse IPL targets only the unwanted cells.

Benefits of m.pulse IPL Treatments vs. Laser

Other benefits of IPL for hair removal and photo-rejuvenation include:

  • IPL can be used on a wider variety of skin types and hair colors than laser
  • Both IPL skin and IPL hair removal treatments are less painful than laser technology – there is no recovery or downtime and no anesthesia is required
  • IPL may produce longer-lasting results
  • IPL covers larger skin surfaces and requires fewer flashes per session, making treatments shorter in length

But don’t take just our word for it. Dr. Harvey H. Jay, a Board Certified Dermatologist and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Cornell Medical School compared IPL for hair removal versus four different types of laser hair removal systems in his practice. No surprises here … IPL for hair removal was more m.pressive!

If you’re questioning whether m.pulse IPL hair removal versus laser hair removal treatments are better for you, we encourage you to do your homework … we did!

When you visit our m.pulse centers, you’re in safe hands with our experienced Luminologists, who have undergone both Laser Certification as well as Esthetician Certification, 40-hour m.pulse training and continued education. Their mission is to boost your self-confidence so you feel your personal best … no extra charge for the glow!